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Velcro Wall

It's hard to let go!

Velcro Wall

It's hard to let go!

Do you want to become a superhero? Or do you want to believe you can fly and feel like Spiderman? No problem! Just wear a special unifrom (be careful – it will make you fat) a get started! Make your jump and try to land in the weirdest position possible. 

1. What is the minimum age?

Everyone above 7 years old. Our costumes are designed for kids and adults

2. Is it hard to get off the wall?

Well this is the part of the fun. Our velcro is pretty strong and sometimes it can be a real challange. But seriously it’s not that hard. Besides, there’s always someone from our crew to help you out

Material: 0.55mm PVC

Sizing: 6m length *5m width*4m height

6 velcro costumes (4 adults, 2 kids)

Requires access to a power outlet, 220V.

Velcro Wall rental is best for every kind of event with lots of people – picnics, festivals and so on. It doesn’t mean you can’t rent it for yourself and put it in your backyard. We will organize that too!

Often combined with

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