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Foot Dart

Hit the Bull's Eye

Foot Dart

Hit the Bull's Eye

Foot Darts is a perfect combination of football and darts. Gigantic inflatable target is very impressive and will be seen from a distance. There is planty of ways to use Foot Dart – 301, 501 or just „try to hit the highest number”

1. What’s the minimum age

There’s no minimum age and of course there is no maximum age limit. As long as you have enough power to kick the ball you can play!

2. What are the rules?

It’s up to you because we can play traditional 501 or 301, or we can play simple game of „Who get’s the biggest score”

Height: 5,5m

Width: 6m

Length: 4,5m

Material: 0.55mm PVC

Requires access to a power outlet, 220V.

We recommend it for big parties – picnic, festivals but also for other events like Stag Parties and Birthdays

Often combined with

Bubble Football

Bubble Football is exciting and hilarious activity will have you laughing, rolling, and going for the goal while you bound along the field in enormous plastic bubbles. Connected to the players by a harness that works like a backpack, the bubbles are designed to protect you (and your opponents) from any harm while you play. Bubble football is perfect for children, teenagers, and adults alike

Sticky dodgeball

Super easy and enjoyable game for people of every age. Inflatable dodgeball pitch where it’s only you and your opponent.  The goal is very simple – try to hit your opponent with as many balls as possible. Try to avoid being hit like a stuntman in an action movie

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