Sticky Dodgeball

Become a stuntman

Sticky dodgeball

Become a stuntman

Players wear velcro suits and play dodgeball for 45 seconds in our inflatable dodgeball stadium. Which ever team has the least amount dodgeball stuck to their suits wins!

Sticky Dodgeball was popularized by The Jimmy Fallon Show and is now in an inflatable version. The game starts by placing the Velcro balls on the center red Velcro strip. Once the ref blows the whistle, the players make a mad dash to the centerline to grab the sticky balls and thrown them on their opponents Velcro vest. The winner is judged by whoever has the least number of sticky balls on their vest. Game can be played with 2-4 players.

1.  Does it hurt to get hit?

Nope. Ball are made of styrofoam so probably you will not even notice that you were hit

2. For who?

Everyone! Kids and adults

material: 0.55mm PVC

5m length * 4.5m width * 2,5m height

Requires access to a power outlet, 220V.

We recommend it for big parties – picnic, festivals but also for other events like Stag Parties and Birthdays

Often combined with

Sticky Wall

Do you want to become a superhero? Or do you want to believe you can fly and feel like Spiderman? No problem! Just wear a special unifrom (be careful – it will make you fat) a get started! Make your jump and try to land in the weirdest position possible. 

Foot Dart

Foot Darts is a perfect combination of football and darts. Gigantic inflatable target is very impressive and will be seen from a distance. There is planty of ways to use Foot Dart – 301, 501 or just “try to hit the highest number”

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