Laser Tag

Real life Counter Strike

Laser Tag

Real life Counter Strike

Grab a weapon a get into a battle! Fight on the ground, water and air. Use the natural shape of land i defeat your enemies. Thanks to the real replicas of weapons you will fell like a soldier of special forces. Game tested on James Bond. True story

1. Where can we play?

We can play basically everywhere. Outdoor and indoor, in the day and at night. We recommend you especially playing outdoor in abandoned buildings, offices oraz space stations

2. What’s the minimum age?

You have to be at least 10 years old to play

1. Gun range (calibrated from 10 m to minimum 100m daytime and up to 400m nighttime)

2. Amount of damage per single hit is up to You. For example – 25 HP when the full life is 100 HP so every fourth hit eliminating us from the game

3. Amount of ammunition, sound of shooting, quiet mode, speed of shooting – all is calibrated and depends on script you choose 

Every occasion is good. Seriously! Stag Party, birthdays, company integration, christmas gift and many many more

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