Archery Games

Become Robin Hood

Archery Games

Become Robin Hood

Archery Games is a new concept of active fun which you never forget.Its a team integration basically its a battle with archery equipment so we can get good portion of fun and adrenaline.Don’t wait to long and join Archery Battle

1. Is it safe?

Absolutely yes because of the 3 layer construction arrows are ended by the sponge so hits are completely painless. We also use masks and arm protectors so in the end activity is completely safe

2. Do I need any archery experience? 

Not at all because all training and instructors are provided

3. Minimum age?

Everyone above 8 years old


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1. Arrows don’t leave any marks 

2. We can make it outdoor and indoor 

3. We don’t really need any special pitch field

4. Big amount of people can play together in one time

5. We can play actually everywhere

We suggest to take that for company events, Stag and Bachelorettes parties

But is also good for the sport birthday for example

Often combined with

Foot Dart

Foot Darts is a perfect combination of football and darts. Gigantic inflatable target is very impressive and will be seen from a distance. There is planty of ways to use Foot Dart – 301, 501 or just “try to hit the highest number”

Sticky dodgeball

Super easy and enjoyable game for people of every age. Inflatable dodgeball pitch where it’s only you and your opponent.  The goal is very simple – try to hit your opponent with as many balls as possible. Try to avoid being hit like a stuntman in an action movie

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