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Bubble Football

Kick the boredom out!

Bubble Football

Kich the boredom out!

Bubble Football is perfect solution when you’re looking for some non-traditional and new activity. It doesn’t matter if you’re 7 or 47 – this game is for you. 

Perfect idea for Stag Party, Company Event or Birthday. Good memories, adrenaline and laughter guaranteed

1. Is it safe?

We’re doing everything that we can to make it as safe as possible. After all you are inside inflatable ball. Belts inside keep you from falling out, and your knees are protected

2. What’s the minimum age?

Our Bumper Balls are perfect for both kids and adults. Our youngest players were 6 years old players from Legia Soccer Schools i Victorii Sulejówek

3. What should I wear?

Comfortable shoes, t-shirt i shorts should be enough. And don’t forget to bring good humor 

1. We provide you with knee pads so that you will not bruise your kness

2. The size of Bumper Balls is good both for adults and kids

3. We need access to electricity to inflate Balls

4. There is 10 Balls in set

Pretty much every occasion – picnics, Stag Party, Company Events, birthdays. Every occasion is good to play Bubble Football

Archery Games

Archery Games is a new concept of active fun which you will never forget. It’s a team integration basically its a battle with archery equipment so we can get good portion of fun and adrenaline. Don’t wait to long and join archery battle

Laser Tag

Grab a weapon a get into a battle! Fight on the ground, water and air. Use the natural shape of land i defeat your enemies. Thanks to the real replicas of weapons you will fell like a soldier of special forces. Game tested on James Bond. True story

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